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Independently Owned and Operated

You're a customer, not a number.

About Us

For Los Angeles patients that are looking for an experienced Pharmacist and an independently owned and operated neighborhood pharmacy, we welcome you to Parkside Pharmacy in Santa Monica.


For 30 years Parkside Pharmacy has provided individualized attention from a Pharmacist who monitors your entire patient profile watching for drug interactions, free delivery, competitive pricing, insurance processing, and hassle free monthly charge accounts.


Trusted Source for Prescriptions

Know the efficacy and manufacturers of the drugs you’re purchasing. No risk of someone tempering with mail order or overseas prescription.

Experienced Pharmacist

Pharmacist with 40 years of experience monitoring your profile vs. a technician. Reduced risk of drug interactions.

Locally Owned and Operated

You’re a customer, not a number. In store charge accounts, hassle free insurance billing, and free delivery.

Stop by for a Visit



Rather do business here than the large chains.

Each time I go in I am greeted with friendly people that always want to help and they get me in and out fast! Great Customer service at this old time small Pharmacy. Rather do business here than the large chains.


Call in Your Order

Order your prescriptions from the comfort of your home or office.

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